Meet Our Team


Come into case at inception to scan and organize evidence Sync depo transcripts and create video excerpts Prepare exhibit binders Merge witness lists into one Display evidence for the jury and Court Keep track of exhibits Assist with witnesses Zoom in & out to highlight critical info on exhibit or simulation

Life is a gift from God.

What you do with it

is your gift back!


New to the legal field but gifted with a keen sense of the dynamics of media and technology. I can put together ideas together quickly for ease of jury understanding. My professionalism will be seen through my work as your trial presenter. I will be beneficial for quick-minded decisions regarding exhibit display, because sometimes a witness just says somethings that turns on a light bulb!


Legal videographer by trade, Neal Media Services. While new to trial presentation, I have the stamina for long, complex cases. My integrity and eagerness to learn molds me into the trial presenter who will reflect all of Counsel's hardworking discovery to the jury. Let me work with you pretrial, because I have the ability to create/convert DICOM to JPEG and videos for the second-by-second footage you may need for the coup de grace.


We had extensive training to learn the best trial presentation software currently used in courtrooms. All three of us are on our way to becoming certified so that our skills may be mastered. Suzanne recently received her Trial Presentation Professional credential through National Court Reporters Association!