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Court Reporting

We cover the gamut of court reporting services, from depositions to arbitrations to trials.


Visually seeing words as they are spoken in deposition and court proceedings.


Professional videographers that sync deposition transcripts to audio for use in trial.

Trial Presentation

Litigation support at its best. Connecting your firm to the trial technology you've always wanted.

Suzanne M. McKennon, CSR, RMR, CRR

A message from Suzanne:

The COVID 19 pandemic has turned the world topsy-turvy onto paths of unknown futures.  Remember that God loves you always!   Should you forget this, just read the Footprints prayer.

During this time of uncertainty, not only has our Governor given reprieve regarding code sections for taking depositions but the great minds of my profession figured out how to do remote depositions, so we all may keep a safe distance.  Please take advantage of this!

Most trials have been rescheduled during this pandemic, understandably so, placing our Trial Presentation services on hold.  If you have never used Trial Presentation before, please consider using it, because it is truly the most phenomenal tool one has ever seen in court!  

We would love to calendar your depositions, arbitrations, and trials.  Please just e-mail us. 

Stay safe.  May God bless you always!

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